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Accelerate your digital transformation

Our platform provides a regulatory compliant cloud infrastructure enabling you to develop and deploy bespoke clinical pathways in weeks, rather than months. Our technology allows you to make your systems smarter and dramatically accelerate your digital transformation.  

Our tools enable you to create highly sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) applications within a robust, clinically safe framework, to deliver personalised patient pathways, clinician-facing tools, or clinical bots, without writing a single line of code.    

Using our turn-key solutions and no-code authoring platform, you can quickly and easily add clinical intelligence to your existing workflows, without needing to replace any systems or commence large, expensive IT projects. Our clinical solutions are suitable for start-up, scale-up, and enterprise environments.


Rapid Health accelerates your ability to launch smarter, integrated healthcare services

Enrich legacy systems with clinical intelligence

Seamless clinical handoffs and personalised care

Harmonise virtual and in-person capabilities

Clinical reasoning engine

Cognitive computing is one of many branches of artificial intelligence; we have pioneered a new framework for this area, focused only on healthcare.

Many other solutions are built with linear “if-then” rules engines and decision trees, which cannot deal with uncertainty or complex non-linear disease management. Unlike our framework, these solutions are not dynamic and/or flexible, and most critically are not situationally adaptive.

Our platform solves these problems by allowing you to manage domain expertise in a clinical content management system that allows our engine to reason systematically rather than linear ‘if-then’ logic. Our reasoning engine works out all possible interpretations to derive new conclusions that would otherwise be hidden with hard coded decision tree logic.

Clinical content management

Our knowledge framework allows for easy management of your clinical content, structuring data so that you can unlock deeper insights. This structured data can then be utilised by your clinical intelligence algorithms, to create real-time clinical decision support recommendations.

Users can create, browse, sort, or filter clinical content (using the clinical knowledge framework / base) and connect the content to create clinicial intelligence algorithms.

Extensive support for "metadata", that further describes the clinical content for example., date it was created, author, clinical condition it treats, where it is used in the EHR, to mention a few. This includes support for clinical coding systems such as SNOMED, ICD-10 and many more.

Platform as a medical device

We are pioneering a new category of technology that enables you to dramatically speed up your readiness to launching a medical device.

Our unique approach allows you to unburden the regulatory complexities and substantially de-risk your investment.

Easy to integrate

Our platform can be easily integrated with most systems, or be used standalone, either in real-time or, as part of an analytics programme.

Integrate with 3rd party providers, such as data from wearables, apps and other sources. We offer both FHIR and non-FHIR APIs.

For NHS customers, our platform is already integrated with both EMIS and TPP SystmOne.

Quality and clinical validation

Publishing workflows giving you full control over the clinical content creation and publishing processes, in addition to robust fully compliant audit-trails.

Reporting capabilities that allow you to track the effect and/or usage of your clinical intelligence.

Built-in testing and validation tools to verify that your application correctly processes input data to generate accurate, reliable and relevant output data.

Validated clinical content models

Whether you license our turn-key solutions or build your own clinical intelligence algorithms, our platform enables you to fully modify the clinical models before deploying them to your production systems.

We offer "starter-sets", a rapidly growing library of clinically validated logic models, written by clinical experts, to dramatically accelerate the development of your solution and the ability to collaborative on knowledge development.

Smart questionnaire builder

Replace paper and disparate online forms with a robust questionnaire builder and data collection tool - collect patient-generated clinical data and analyse data accurately and securely.

Our questionnaire builder is tightly integrated into your clinical knowledge base, eliminating data redundancy and giving you complete data traceability.

This is all underpinned by a sophisticated data model, built for the healthcare industry, that organises the data and standardises how it relates to one another.

No-code rules engine

Unlike other solutions, our platform allows you to create complex clinical intelligence algorithms without needing to write a single line of code.

Our rules editor can use existing data from your EHR and clinical content management system, in addition to any other data sources you may have.

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