Smart Triage

Helping NHS practices intelligently manage demand and harmonise virtual and in-person capabilities.

Enabling primary care practices to triage both clinical and admin requests with one solution that is safe and effective.

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Smart triage

Increase patient access without reducing capacity

Smart Triage supports practices with providing their patients with access to online consultations at a time that suits them, supporting GPs to prioritise and manage their workload efficiently, without compromising patient care and support.

Smart Triage has two interchangeable configurations:

Unrivalled control over your practice capacity management

Intelligent symptom checker

Dynamic questioning strategies to understand the patients clinical needs and appointment priority, while collecting concise notes

Reduce admin

Dramatically reduces administrative burden for receptionists as admin requests, appointments and prescriptions can be handled by Smart Triage

Fully configurable

Easily configure questioning strategies to support QOF, screening for signs of cancer or add new smart triage flows

Fully integrated

Integrated into EMIS and SystmOne to automate clinical notes, coding and appointment scheduling

Coming soon

Phone triage voice assistant

Smart Triage can be switched on to support patient triage via the practice phone system, further reducing the burden on receptionists

Coming soon

2-way communications

Send messages to patients, via SMS, or email from your clinical system, including information leaflets at the end of your consultations

Flexible total triage delivery model

Practices can deploy multiple configurations of Smart Triage simultaneously, giving complete control over triage workflows, aligned to clinical risk, capabilities and capacity - enabling a truly flexible care delivery model.

For example;

  • Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions can be configured for AI-Led triage; and
  • Skin conditions can be Practice-Led; whilst
  • Headache conditions are enabled for online consultations between 9am- 6pm
  • Ears, nose and throat conditions are triaged remotely via receptionist or nurse, who are supported by Smart Triage

The above is an illustration of how Smart Triage can be fully configured to adapt to the practice processes and clinical capabilities whilst maintaining a safe and effective service for your patient population.

Train and evaluate your own AI-Led triage

Smart Triage is the only solution that may be trained by practices to provide practice-specific triage algorithms. Algorithms are improved through clinically supervised learning which is overseen by the practice team. This ensures practices may have full confidence that Smart Triage is a clinically safe, true extension of the practice team.

The clinical supervision means that practices have full transparency on how the system triages their patients, so that the solution truly aligns to their specific clinical resources and operating model.

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