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Security and Governance

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Configurable turn-key solutions to reimagine your patient pathway

Smart Triage for primary care

Route patients to the most appropriate practitioner or service by deploying AI enabled questionnaires as well as offering the patient self-help in advance of their consultation.

Intelligent prescribing engine

Automate the clinical assessment of a prescription to ascertain the suitability of the medication being prescribed and the associated documentation to ensure clinical compliance.

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Health and well-being diagnostics

Provide users with a personalised assessment on their health risks, allowing them to better understand, track and improve their health with actionable support and diagnostics.

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Clinical decision support suite

Standardise care pathways and the aligned resources to provide actionable information where it is needed at the most appropriate time whilst tracking the compliance of clinical decisions.

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Referral management navigation

Identify the most appropriate next step for the patient to both speed up and improve decision-making; whether the outcome needed is a test, investigation, no further-action or urgent referral.

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Intelligent remote patient monitoring

Anticipate adverse events with proactive virtual care programs where clinical decisions can be sourced from derived insights and predictive alerts powered by clinical intelligence decision models.

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platform benefits

Create and configure your own bespoke intelligent automation solutions

Enhance your existing systems

Empower clinical and product teams to easily build clinical intelligence into your existing clinical workflow.

A library of clinically validated logic models, written by clinical experts, can be easily configured and extended to align to your needs with our no-code authoring platform, unlocking real-time clinical decision making and deeper insights.

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Clinical safety and regulatory alignment

Designed with healthcare regulators in mind to support you with real-time analytics and clinical audit trails. Fully compliant with HL7 FHIR, and international coding systems such as SNOMED and ICD-10.

Providing you with a platform to start building your medical device applications at speed.

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Mix and match

Our platform is modular and can be easily configured to suit the ever changing needs of your organisation to optimise it’s engagement in the healthcare market.

Seamlessly create and assemble integrated care pathways using our suite of turn-key solutions or build your own clinical intelligence algorithms with our no-code authoring platform.

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customise your solution

The modern way to build care pathways

Our platform empowers clinicians and non-technical teams to build, test and validate care pathways using a visual canvas which adopts a no-code self-explanatory approach.

Once our platform is integrated into your current systems, clinicians can maintain and update pathways without the need for any IT involvement, complex deployments or separate budgets.

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Who we serve

We work with a variety of clients and partners across the healthcare ecosystem. Our platform enables the harmonisation of virtual and in-person clinical capabilities.

Driving improved efficiencies, enhancing quality and improving outcomes.

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