New white paper - Better manage patient demand with smarter triage in primary care
Case Study - Learn how we are solving the 8am rush in the NHS
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Case Study - Streamlining FCP pathway

Eliminating unnecessary GP appointments with a smarter digital front door.

Patients with musculoskeletal (MSK) issues are typically referred to physiotherapists by GPs. This takes up valuable GPs’ time, delays MSK patients getting the attention they need and risks the health of other patients waiting to see GPs.

Learn how Rapid Health not only solves this problem but can liberate even more time for GPs.

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Health Tech Hour Radio Interview

Our CEO was a guest on Steve Roest's UK health radio show. They discuss Rapid Health's next generation digital front door and dig into how Rapid Health has achieved a significant step up in efficiency for GPs, enabling 24x7 patient access while maintaining clinical standards - and avoiding the pitfalls that caught up with other services.

General Practice Podcast

The go-to podcast for general practice invited our customers to talk about their experience with implementing Rapid Health. The podcast talks to those making real change happen in healthcare, getting underneath what they did, how they managed to do it, and the challenges they faced along the way

Listen to how we support our customers with intelligent software to assess patient needs at first contact and navigate them to the right care.

White Paper

Smarter Primary Care Triage White Paper

This paper explores some of the considerations and options facing providers and how RAPID HEALTH has addressed them. Specifically, it highlights how we:

  • Utilise patient input.
  • Consider the urgency with which a patient should be seen.
  • Allocate an appropriate appointment duration.
  • Route to allied health professionals as part of the practitioner mix.
  • Address clinical safety and build a robust audit trail.
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