New white paper - Better manage patient demand with smarter triage in primary care
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smartER General practice

Manage Demand, Optimise Your Capacity

Automate and standardise patient pathways, decision-making and handoffs

Reduce patient contact points to boost capacity by enabling patient self-service

Automate triage decision making

Grow your business with custom domain names.

Navigate and facilitate patient handoffs


Manage capacity in real-time


Intelligently distribute patient demand


Streamline patient communications

Webex integrates seamlessly into 100+
industry-leading apps.

Automate clinical notes and coding

Webex integrates seamlessly into 100+
industry-leading apps.

Enable a hub and spoke delivery model

Webex integrates seamlessly into 100+
industry-leading apps.

Standardise patient pathways

Webex integrates seamlessly into 100+
industry-leading apps.
Smart triage

Unlock clinical capacity and control demand

From assessing symptoms and prioritising care needs, through to facilitating the patient to self-book the right appointment, Smart Triage safely navigates patients to the most appropriate care setting; all without needing time and input from practice staff.
Real-time demand management and navigation without needing practice staff involvement
Reduce the administrative and clinical touch points in more than 62% of patient requests
Integrated into your existing patient record system, including EMIS and SystmOne
Personalised patient symptom assessment
Seamless patient journeys, facilitating real-time handoffs over simple signposting
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smart direct booking

Invite patients to self-book

Our deep integration with your patient record system (EMIS or SystmOne) can check patient eligibility.

Once a patient’s eligibility is determined, they are offered a pre-defined appointment slot with the right clinician. Ineligible patients are informed as such and not afforded slot access.
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Send patients smart booking links giving you full control over demand
Place booking links on your website and automate patient eligibility checks
Can be used by receptionists, navigators and clinicians to streamline patient access
Automate appointment scheduling into your practice and hubsite
Smart inbox

Inbound patient requests prioritised by clinical need

A Smart Inbox that prioritises patient requests that require action from practice staff. Patient requests can go directly to the practice or to a central hub.

Complete the whole triage flow in 1-click; from initiating communications to coding and filing to the patient record.

Clinically prioritised waitlist

Prioritise patient requests and route to most appropriate staff member

Patient communications

Communicate with patients by email or SMS - with summaries saved to the patient record

Appointment management

Send patients direct booking links to triaged appointment slots eliminating the need to coordinate patient availability

Intelligent search

AI-assisted patient search supporting patients to select most appropriate online service

Navigation rules

Easily configure navigation rules and integrate your healthcare network at the practice, PCN or ICS level

Manage demand, boost capacity

Control when patients can access online services giving you control over resources
Clinical Automation

Liberate staff and automate tasks

Safely automate administrative and clinical tasks to help your team
Automate QOF
Increase your QOF income - automate the capture and coding of patient information
Personalise care
Interrogate patient records in real-time for eligibility checks, such as flu jabs or cervical screening
Automated filing of notes and coding
Automatically generate clinical notes and coding for filing to the patient record
Data analytics
Rich data to make data-driven decisions and population health insights
Early detection of cancer
Find the signs of cancer earlier, with built-in screening in every triage
Early detection of cancer
Configure routing protocols to enable hub-and-spoke care delivery
Early detection of cancer
Allow patients to manage appointments online without contacting the practice
Early detection of cancer
Keep patients updated with auto-generated patient communications
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Early detection of cancer
Automated safety checks and clinical assessments for repeat prescriptions
Coming soon
Early detection of cancer
Automated annual review and long term condition management assessments
Coming soon
Early detection of cancer
Provide dedicated triage and navigation tools for reception teams
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Early detection of cancer

Safe and secure

Rapid Health meets security, safety, governance and data standards. Our services can be activated in less than an hour

NHS Compliance

Data Security and Protection Toolkit
DCB 0129 Clinical Risk Management Standard
DTAC Passed
NHS Digital Assured Supplier and HSCN Approved

Data Governance

Registered with the Information Commissioners Office
GDPR Compliant
CREST certified penetration tested
Data Security and Protection Toolkit

International Standards

Registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency
Cyber Essentials Certified
ISO 13485 Conformity
UKCA Class 1 Medical Device Conformity

Anything not answered here?

We cannot answer all the questions we get asked here, so feel free to contact us for a conversation or to request a demo.

What does Rapid Health do?

We provide software for healthcare. Our products power clinical decision-making and can be set-up to work in just about any healthcare setting. They improve efficiency, liberate resources, improve patient outcomes, and save money.

What is different about what Rapid Health does?

Our software is configurable, flexible, easily integrated with other mainstream systems and automatable. It provides controls over patient self-service. By aligning built-in clinical expertise with your desired operating model, we offer standardisation across practice networks with the ability to tailor to your local needs.

What do you mean by clinical automation?

Our systems utilise clinical knowledge to simulate clinical reasoning. That means we can safely triage and navigate patients to the right care, appropriately prioritised. This helps minimises unnecessary human intervention to reduce the number of manual touch-points for any given case.

What sort of healthcare applications does Rapid Health offer?

Our most popular products provide point-of-care decision support for administrators, care navigation teams and allied healthcare professionals.

We also power applications such as: health risk assessments, symptom checkers, asynchronous consultations, referral management, personalised care plans, and remote patient monitoring.

Are Rapid Health systems safe and meet regulatory requirements?

Simply put, yes!

We have a long list of proof points that demonstrate our safety. These include having a UKCA Class 1 approved medical device at the core of our systems. We are DCB0129 compliant for clinical risk management and we are accredited EMIS and SystmOne partners.

You can choose to enable automation at your preferred pace. This will build confidence that the system is a trustworthy extension to your team.

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