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Smart Direct Booking

How Our Customers Use It

Our customers really value being able to quickly create appointment invitation links.  Some examples include:
Follow-up GP/nurse appointments – no need for patients to queue at reception.
Periodic check-ups and recalls, such as Diabetic/ Asthma / COPD reviews, NHS health checks, and more – invite patients for a single appointment for multiple issues.
Other routine appointment types, such as smear tests, vaccinations, and more – no need for patients to call the practice to book, cancel or reschedule.
QOF campaigns – increase revenues by improving ongoing management of chronic conditions.

How It Is Used

Customers place Smart Direct Booking links on their practice website to support and manage recall and follow-up appointments.  

Patients value being able to choose and manage the scheduling of their appointments via the website links.  

Adult Vaccinations

Flu, whooping cough, pneumococcal, shingles

Smear tests / cervical screening
NHS Health Checks
Musculoskeletal health

Access a first contact practitioner (FCP) for MSK related conditions

Direct access to a clinical pharmacist

Medication queries, reviews, or minor illness assessments

What Makes It Different

To prevent misuse, Smart Direct Booking checks patient identity and eligibility, before offering the patient an appointment.  With the ability to specify one or more slot types per link, you can offer the patient more choices and thus optimise your capacity.  Additionally, you can specify separate slots for different cohorts, such as by age for flu jabs.  

Smart Direct Booking automatically aggregates your chosen appointment availability onto a simple, easy-to-use booking screen.  There is no need for any additional administration in your Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system.

Protect your capacity

To give you more control over your capacity, Smart Direct Booking allows you to use slots that are not specifically online bookable.  This means you can restrict access to certain appointments to your website, and so limiting appointment bookings via open channels, such as Patient Access or the NHS app.

Give patients choice

By displaying availability, from all your chosen slots, patients can easily filter appointments by location or practitioner.  

Where appropriate, you can even allow patients to choose an in-person or telephone appointment.

Patient eligibility check

By checking patient eligibility before offering slot availability, Smart Direct Booking ensures that appointments are only available to those who are eligible.

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Safe and secure

Knowing any medical system is safe and reliable is critical to adoption.

Rapid Health meets security, safety, governance and data standards. Our services can be activated in less than an hour.

NHS Compliance

Data Security and Protection Toolkit
DCB 0129 Clinical Risk Management Standard
DTAC Passed
NHS Digital Assured Supplier and HSCN Approved

Data Governance

Registered with the Information Commissioners Office
GDPR Compliant
CREST certified penetration tested
Data is encrypted in transit and at rest

International Standards

Registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency
Cyber Essentials Certified
ISO 13485 Conformity
UKCA Class 1 Medical Device Conformity

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